With so many new features in 2015, IWannaTicket has had to add many new help articles to our Help Section. There are new comprehensive help articles on merchandise, image customisation, venues, the box office, ticket types, multiple events dates + more! If you would like to update the look of your listing follow these help articles.


Setting up an event

How do I add Merchandise Tickets? 

How do I add an image to my merchandise copy?

How do I add merchandise to the first page of my event listing?

How do I change the Template of my event? (Layout)

How do I copy my event? Copy an event date?

How To Share Your Event On Social Media 



What are Account and User Roles?

What url links are there for my event/s?


Customising your event

How do I add images? What are the image sizes?

How To Add A Video To Your Event Description

How do I add text formatting to my event listing?



What types of tickets are there?

How do I customise the confirmation email sent to my customers?

How do I add the Ticket Widget to my website?



How to add and change venues

Can I have multiple event dates, sessions and times?


At your event

How do I use the box office?

Selling tickets at your event through the Box Office


Post event

What reports are there for my event?


If you would like help or have any suggestions for help articles – please contact support@iwannaticket.com.au

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