Every event that you host on IWannaTicket has an ‘opt-in’ question, which asks each of your customers if they would like to receive marketing emails from IWannaTicket. Within our Privacy Policy, we specify that this information can be sent to the client for their marketing purposes. In order to do this, we set up a sync between Mailchimp and our database.

Follow these steps to sync your IWannaTicket database with your mailchimp.

Please note: You must have your own Mailchimp account set up.
Mailchimp: http://mailchimp.com/


First we will need to make a new list in Mailchimp

Login to Mailchimp and go to ‘Lists’.

  • Create List (not a group)
  • Fill in the details to customise your list

In the new list, click on the drop down menu ‘settings’.

  • Click on ‘List fields and Merge Tags’

  • You will see the first three fields, Email, First Name and Last Name. Then you will add new fields in the next steps (eg STATE).

  • Underneath this click ‘add a field’, you will see these options. Select ‘text’.

  • Name these fields in accordance with the list below (must be correct order and correctly spelt)
  • You will also need to change the ‘merge tag’ *| HERE |* to match the field names you have just added.
  • Eg: ‘Field name’:  STATE …..  ‘merge tag’:  * | STATE | *
  • You’re Merge tags should look like this:

  • Save your changes!

We will then need to get this List’s ID for the sync process.

Go back to ‘Settings’ in the new list you have created in Mailchimp

  • Select ‘list name and defaults’ from the drop down menu
  • You will see a ‘list ID’ on the right side of your screen
  • Copy this ‘List ID’- you will be using it in a few steps

You will then need to create an API Key within Mailchimp

To create an API Key click on your ‘account name’ in the top right corner of your screen.

  • From the dropdown menu click ‘Account’
  • You will see ‘Extras’ appear in the middle of your screen
  • Click ‘API Keys’ from the drop down menu
  • Scroll down to ‘Your API keys’
  • Then ‘create a key’
  • A new ‘API Key’ will appear under ‘Your API keys’

  • In a few steps you will need to copy the ‘API key’ that appears-  so keep this page open

Now we need to Sync it with your IWannaTicket Account:

Log on to your IWannaTicket Account

  • Go to the ‘Accounts’ tab on the top of your screen

  • Click on ‘Mailchimp settings’
  • You will see an ‘API Key’ and ‘list ID’ section
  • Keep this screen open, you will need to paste information into these sections in a few steps from the previous steps in Mailchimp

Now we need to save the information for the last steps of the Sync.

On the IWannaTicket ‘mailchimp settings’ page

  • Paste the ‘list Id’ from Mailchimp into ‘list ID’ section.

Then go back to the Mailchimp page and copy the ‘API Key’ that you just created

  • Paste the ‘API Key’ from Mailchimp into the API Key section.

  •  Click save and you are done!

If you need any further support contact support@iwannaticket.com.au

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