We have upgraded our merchandise feature! Now after a ticket buyer has selected their tickets, a new screen will display any merchandise for sale. You can sell anything, popcorn, posters, mail options or t-shirts. Our new report allows you to manage merchandise. Here is how you can set up merchandise on your event.

IWannaTicket How to set up a merchandise ticket:

It is the same process as setting up a normal ticket.
Go into ‘Summary’, then ‘ticket type’. The drop down option will give you the options of:
Add Ticket Type
Add Gift Certificate
Add Raffle Ticket
Add Merchandise

After you select, ‘Add merchandise’ a pop up screen will appear. It has a similar process as a normal way to add a ‘ticket type’. Fill out these details and click ‘save’. You can add any kind of merchandise eg: hats, popcorn, membership, subscriptions, posters, mail… anything! You can title it anything you want, which allows you to have any kind of merchandise. You will then be redirected to the ‘summary’ page. You will now see your Merchandise ticket, listed as a ‘section’. It will appear in the same place as your other tickets.

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