We offer reduced fess to charity organisations, so that more of your profits go towards helping others. We have hosted many small and large scale not-for-profit events including Charity Dinners, Fundraising Events, Community events. Here is an example:

Client: The Balmain Ball Limited

Client Brief: 

To host a charity ball for 400 people. Clean ticketing page with a quick process for customers. All proceeds raised on night go to St Vincent de Paul Society Balmain/Rozelle Chapter. As it was also a dinner, information needed to be collected about dietary requirements.


Create tickets that were for single ticket customers, as well as tables of 10. Early Bird Tickets for these tables were released in the month prior to the event and were then sold at full price later on. Organisers were offered a reduced rate for their fees, which was then asked from the ticket buyer. As the fees were lowered, the amount raised was higher and more proceeds went to charity. In this instance, ticket options were preferred, so a seating plan was not created. However, seating plans are easy to set up and work very well for Balls and large functions.

A customised ‘Additional Question’ was created, to gather information from each ticket buyer. All information was collected on a per ticket basis, before the ball, allowing for catering to be arranged.



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